Morning Mooners,
Yesterday Craft Moments had a showcase stall at my 9-5’s Fun Day. It was an opportunity to take along my new Zipper giftware & celebration gifts.
It was lovely to see how many people came out in the sunshine to support the school & our wonderful students.
Many thanks to who should what a community should be.
As for Craft Moments, I took a booking to hold another stall at another school at the end of November so it looks like more Zipper jewellery, hair clips, head bands, brooches & bag charms will be being created Under the Lilac Moon.
Love til next time xxx



Britains Got Talent

A very happy birthday to my Bro-in-Law today & one of the founder members of Britians newest guitar duo !!!
His birthday gave me the opportunity to showcase a male celebration cake.
Autumn is arriving in large rain drops & gusts of wind meaning that Halloween is not far away, the Autumn equinox is looming & soon our evenings will be guided by the Harvest Moon. So jumpers on & hot chocolate at the ready, the season of change is about to begin.
Love till next time xxx




In honour of tomorrow’s date here’s a little insight into people’s reasonings for suffering from a fear of Friday 13th. The title of this rambling refers to the name given to you poor sufferers, Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom Friday is named & triskaidekaphobia meaning a fear of the number 13.
Folklorists believe that there is no written evidence for a superstition of this date before the 19th century & there are several theories as to why some find it unlucky, such as the amalgamation of two older superstitions that both Friday & the number 13 are unlucky, that in numerology the number 12 is considered the number of completeness & that 13 transgresses this completeness & is considered irregular, that a superstition derived from the last supper or a Norse myth states that having 13 ppl seated at a table results in the death of one the diners or that those of religious beliefs say that Jesus was crucified on a Friday.
However not all fear this date or number, some cultures see it as a symbol of good fortune, life & fertility. For tattooists the number 13 is considered lucky & can b seem in many works of skin art, this stems from the days of traditional tattooing & many believe this is due to those in body art community embracing things that other may fear & seeing beauty where others see mutilation.
However you feel about the date just remember that tomorrow is just another today & today’s always become yesterday’s so embrace it & enjoy xxx
Love till next time xxx


Another autumn day

At the risk of sounding mad to all, I’ve loved the fact that it’s rained & been chilly today, it means that the lovely Autumn is on it’s way, my favourite time of year. The time when nature shows it’s true beauty by using its natural palette to colour the earth in gorgeous russet tones, sends smells of the earth & bonfires & brings the celebration of Samhien. At last a time to smile.
In the crafty world, I’ve been helping a friend celebrate the birth of a friends granddaughter by making a congratulations card, the seasons change, generations grow & life goes on…..
Love till next time


Nice to be back

Well it’s been a long time coming but finally I’m back to the blog!!! I’ve been very quiet but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been busy, Under the Lilac Moon is still a productive place to be and I’m now working on some new lines in time for the upcoming end of year celebrations….my favourite of which is just around the corner so the cauldrons on & the witches hat is ready, need invites to a coven gathering, treat bags for little monsters outings, decor for the haunted home ??? Lilac Moon will b working on these and much more in the coming weeks so I’ll keep u posted. In the mean time here’s a few things that I’ve been busy with since last we spoke





No such thing as a free meal…..

phone pictures 2464

phone pictures 2465

phone pictures 2461

phone pictures 2466

shopping list frame

shopping list frame (1)

The old saying sure is true, last nights meal was loving prepared & beautifully presented by my sister, pudding wonderfully baked by my brother-in-law & then came the price…..”I’ve got a frame that needs an up-cycle” I suppose i should have guessed something was coming seeing as i was asked to bring glue & a brush !! after all most people would bring flowers & wine 😛
And so here i am, hard at work, not quite Under the Lilac Moon, but working non the less & there you have it the shopping list/to do list frame is born, just write on the glass with a dry wipe pen & once your done wipe it away !!!!

Love till next time xxx